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Courtney Weber, high priestess of the Novices of the Old Ways coven in New York City, a non-tradition based, fellowship-oriented Pagan spiritual community, and co-creator of the Tarot of the Boroughs, a photographic journey through the Tarot using modern New York City settings and notable community personalities, joins Luckylicious for the 2012 Samhain episode of "Eat My Pagan Ass" podcast.

Courtney Weber and Luckylicious

Courtney Weber and Luckylicious at NYC Pagan Pride Day 2012

Originally scheduled to be published before October 31, Superstorm Sandy had different ideas. Well, better late than never. This episode is chock full of Samhainy goodness. And coming just ahead of the 2012 U.S. presidential elections, includes quite a bit of politics from a Pagan perspective (well, from a couple of Pagans' perspectives, anyway). Courtney shares her story of how she came to Paganism (or, how Paganism came to her), and describes Progressive Wicca and how this spiritual and religious philosophy informs the activities of the Novices of the Old Ways.

And just to keep Samhain super-scary, Courtney warns of the dangers of hydrofracking and the attempts of the Spectra Energy Corporation to bring hydrofracked gas into Manhattan via a pipeline that is planned to run under the West Village and other densely populated areas. And it's not just Manhattan -- hydrofracked gas is going to come your way, too, unless you stop it by calling your U.S. senators and congressional representatives and your state governor and demand that they refuse to allow hydrofracking and its products in your state. If you're a New York State resident, call Governor Cuomo TODAY at (518) 474-8390. To learn more about hydrofracking, check out the Sane Energy Project. Oh, and BLESSED SAMHAIN, kiddies!

Featured musical artists:

Oka - "Totem" from Didgeridoo Trance Dance 2

Andy Graham - "Freja" from Didgeridoo Trance Dance 2

Bhakta - "The Australian Purple" from Didgeridoo Trance Dance 2

Mannheim Steamroller - "Harvest Dance" from Halloween: Monster Mix

Radiohead - "Nude" from In Rainbows

Audio credit: NYC Pagan Pride Day 2012 audio courtesy DJMysticVampire

Recorded Oct. 15, 2012 Published Nov. 18, 2012

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  • Ilyssa

    I love that you have the audio from the NYC PPD ritual on here! That was definitely one of the top 3 rituals I’ve ever attended. :) I hope that NOW will be doing the ritual for PPD every year!

    Nov 22, 2012 at 1:50 am
  • Lucky de las Brujas

    I share your enthusiasm for Novices of the Old Ways and their 2012 NYC Pagan Pride Day harvest ritual. They were superb. But I don’t share your hope that they do the ritual every year. There are many talented people in our community. Let’s mix it up!

    I say this from the perspective of someone whose emcee performance this year has similarly been praised, with the same wishes that I do this again next year.

    Well, maybe I just want to go to Pride and enjoy it like every other Pagan. Let someone else be the emcee.

    We honor variety and diversity in our community. Someone else can do it.

    Nov 22, 2012 at 2:46 am
  • Chet (White Hall, MD)

    Steampunk outfit, awesome! I so need one of the coachman hats with the glasses :)

    Nov 29, 2012 at 3:20 pm