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we broadcast the first ever installment of "Badass Pagan Theater," in which we mock christian creation theory and the story of Noah's Ark; we ponder the neverending rain; lock horns with an ornery Wiccan highpriestess (or so she claims to be); and answer listener e-mails galore!!!

Major Update: this episode contains follow-along art that you can view in your iPod video window or iTunes album artwork & video viewer. It appears that the opening credits are a bit too complex for an iPhone to play, so there's some lag unfortunately. You can watch how it is SUPPOSED to work by viewing it in iTunes or on our Web site: https://eatmypaganass.podbean.com/2006/07/27/eat-my-pagan-ss-0009-badass-pagan-theater-premier/

NOTE: if you downloaded this episode when it originally aired in 2006, the original episode did not have the art.

Badass Pagan Theater with Carmen Kickass & Luckylicious

This episode originally broadcast July 27, 2006; re-broadcast with added art content October 31, 2009.

Email us and tell us what myths (from paganism, christianity, or anything else) you'd like to see Carmen and Lucky re-enact: eatmypaganass@gmail.com.

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