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Here's what Eat My Pagan Ass fans have to say about the show:

You guys ROCK! This is the first pagan podcast I've heard that actually makes me laugh and isn't all about witchy, ultra-super pagan, magick, faerie dust CRAP. - Logan G.

Wow --- thanks for the tarot and rune readings! They were pretty spot-on! LOVE your show! Please keep 'em coming! You both have a fan for life! - Ginger

I just listened to your latest episode and have to say that I almost fell out of my chair at work I was laughing so hard. You guys are a riot! - Hedon's Dog

A total breath of fresh air! This podcast was a find and I tell everyone about it! Spread the good word- Eat My Pagan Ass! I would hang out with Carmen, and make out with lucky.... its a perfect blend! - Devin H.

I am officially your biggest fan..hopelessly devoted. You all are utterly hilarious, which is rare for a pagan podcast. Too many shows take themselves far too seriously, and while that has its place, your show provides much needed comic relief. I was laughing so hard it hurt while tears streamed down my face. - Fire Lyte

You all are fucking hysterical! You make me cry. Keep it comin! - Delphi

I recently was introduced to your podcast by a very dear friend of mine. I must say that it is BRILLIANT! The easy conversation that you both have with each other. The fun and almost irreverant way you deal with issues that we, as Pagans, have is... refreshing! I just want to say thank you for doing this! - Krista

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