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Freya Aswynn, a.k.a. The Wicked Witch of the North, author of Northern Mysteries and Magick: Runes, Gods, and Feminine Powers, discusses with Lucky how she found the runes, and how the runes have shaped her destiny as an occultist and as a leading voice for the feminine powers within the modern world of Asatru and Germanic heathenism.

freya aswynn - northern mysteries book cover

Go to Freya Aswynn's Web site: http://www.aswynn.co.uk.

Freya Aswynn's WikiPedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freya_Aswynn

And check out this KICKASS video from YouTube of Freya galdering the runes while the rune images she created play across the screen:

DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION FOR FREYA? Email us and Freya might do a rune reading for you on the show!

Episode 5 Song credits: "Songs of Yggdrasil" by Freya Aswynn

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