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NYC's two wildest witches ride their broomsticks all the way to Mexico's Cabo San Lucas for a sun-drenched week of rest, relaxation, and retardation. Mexican cabana boys, psychedelic cactus candy, and the magical properties of damiana and guacamole are but a few of the topics our zany hosts bring up during their extemporaneous conversation. This is our first bilingual episode of Eat My Pagan @ss (Come mi culi pagana)! SPECIAL GUEST STAR: Witchy Woman Triskele, the Geminista joins us on this impromptu romp through the Mexican Badlands!


cabo cabo carmen pool

cabo sunset

Sponsorship for this episode of Eat My Pagan @ss provided in part by: Jose Cuervo (drink responsibly), Juan Valdez (mainline that shit!), the Mariachi Hombres (arriba!), and the Mexican Jumping Bean Company (neat!).

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