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It's Valentine's Day, so Carmen and Lucky are waxing philosophical about the nuances of love, pagan handfastings, polyamory, gay bashing, and obsession. Is love just a mental disorder, a neurochemically induced fugue state of codependent lust? Or is it something more spiritual than that?  We don't know, but we sure have fun trying to guess. Special contests announced in this episode. Psst, Carmen uses the "C" word in this episode!!  OH, and it's her birthday on the 26th, so send her some e-love at eatmypaganass@gmail.com.

Happy Valentine's Day


Email us your stories of love, gained or lost. Don't forget our contests this episode: (1) Send us your pagan joke ideas for the podcast intro, but remember the punchline has to be "eat my pagan ass!" and (2) send pictures of what you THINK Carmen looks like. eatmypaganass@gmail.com.Go to our podcast blog to post a comment, share your thoughts, and divulge your deepest secrets in an unabashedly public forum: https://eatmypaganass.podbean.com

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