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It's Carmen's birthday, bitches! So wish her a happy one by sending her an ecard at eatmypaganass@gmail.com.  And since it's her birthday, here's some of her favorite eye candy:


In this episode we discuss novelas, Carmen's fireman fantasies, prostitution and erotic massage from a pagan perspective, war & pleasure, listener emails, @sstrology, self empowerment and responsible witchhood, The Wigglian Way podcast, books (a pagan love affair!) and community service.

Remember - this is a video enhanced podcast with chapters, so look for photos and links embedded in the podcast.

Here are some links mentioned in the episode:

The Wigglian Way podcast, episode 63: http://bit.ly/Wig-63

The Wigglian Way podcast, episode 64: http://bit.ly/Wig-64

Carmen's favorite tarot book by Marcia Masino: http://bit.ly/best-tarot

Email us with your take on pleasure cults, sexuality and prostitution. Also, does your coven do community service? Tell us about it -- what's the effect on the community, on the coven, and on your personal spiritual development? eatmypaganass@gmail.com.Go to our podcast blog to post a comment, share your thoughts, and divulge your deepest secrets in an unabashedly public forum: https://eatmypaganass.podbean.comFollow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/EatMyPaganAss

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