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Eat My Pagan Ass™ (EMPA) is a multimedia, interactive franchise dedicated to promoting the pagan ethic that life is fun. Through taking pleasure in romp, ruckus, and all-around brouhaha while touching lightly upon the sacred mysteries of the pagan and esoteric religions, traditions, and myths, EMPA provides an entertaining medium for topics of importance and relevance to pagans today.

The EMPA franchise includes the Eat My Pagan Ass™ podcast and blog, Badass Pagan Theater™ videocasts, and encompasses various special interest communities based in online social networking and social media platforms like Facebook, LiveJournal, Second Life, Twitter, YouTube, and others.

The first EMPA podcast broadcast took place April 2, 2006. Eighteen episodes in total aired, including the first Badass Pagan Theater™ video episode, between then and May 12, 2007, after which the show went on hiatus. All 18 original episodes were rebroadcast beginning October 21, 2009, and the Badass Pagan Theater™ video was rebroadcast as a stand-alone video.

A promo announcing season two aired November 16, 2009. Carmen and Lucky explained their absence as being due to a shoddy circle closing that sent them into a parallel dimension. The first episode of the second season aired November 18, 2009. Season two consisted of thirteen episodes (#0019-0031). The final episode of season two aired June 26, 2010.

Randomly and arbitrarily, as is their right, Carmen and Lucky declared each season shall now be thirteen episodes long, making episode #0032 the official launch of season three. The first episode of season three aired July 30, 2010.

In February 2011, Carmen notified Lucky that she was taking a leave of absence from the show. She explained why in episode 37 (published March 22, 2011), and encouraged Lucky to continue plowing on ahead while she went in another direction.

Season four started with episode 44, which aired July 20, 2012.

About the hosts Carmen Kickass and Luckylicious are two pagans living in New York City. They both have a rich background of exposure to different pagan traditions, are avid bookworms, but most importantly for our purposes here, they love to have a good time, laugh, and enjoy the many, many gifts of the Goddess.

Contact the hosts by emailing eatmypaganass@gmail.com.

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