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666 Club

The 666 Club

The 666 Club is a distinctive group of Eat My Pagan Ass listeners who support our broadcast through donations of $6.66, $66.60, $666.00 or more (you get the idea), either as one-time gifts or as recurring donations.

The 666 Club was conceived in Eat My Pagan Ass episode #24 (original air date February 9, 2010) while discussing the horrid statements Pat Robertson of the Christian Broadcast Network made about the Haiti earthquake disaster. Just as Pat Robertson launched The 700 Club as a telethon to raise funds to support his brand of religious programming, The 666 Club offers Eat My Pagan Ass listeners an opportunity to help keep EMPA on the Internets by defraying the costs of production and hosting.

Although mentioned only in passing as a joke, some Eat My Pagan Ass listeners have actually begun to make donations. We are very grateful for their support and have created this page as a place to honor their gift for all eternity (or as long as this Web site exists, whichever is longer).

Become a member of The 666 Club today by making a donation:

The 666 Club Members

Thank you for your generous support!

Add your name to the list. Donate to Eat My Pagan Ass today.

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