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The Catholic lawmakers in Ireland have made blasphemy illegal. Well, Carmen and Lucky say, "blaspheme THIS, you Leprechaun-lovin', Guinness swiggin, wafer-eatin' embarrassments to your Celtic ancestors!" This episode is chock-full of offensive swill, sure enough to piss off any uptight religio-twats. Bring your sense of humor...otherwise, you're in for one HELL of a ride! Tarot and rune divination, a prosperity spell, listener email, and more in this episode. Featured pagan artist: Gaia Resurrect. Featured pagan podcast/blog: Inciting a Riot, with Fire Lyte. Feature pagan store: Magickal Realms & Pagan Center of New York.

Sister Legion, Punisher of Blasphemy

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Carmen & Lucky explore the forces of fate: differences between personal karma and larger, group-level karma. We discuss Pong (that funky yet arousing man smell). We ridicule some of the more mainstream religious rituals (we're shameless), and we respond to our first listener emails (including the famous Bibel [sic] thumping Ted from St. Louis.


Treated NKS audhumla

Auðumbla and Búri. A Norse mythology image from the 18th century Icelandic manuscript "NKS 1867 4to", now in the care of the Danish Royal Library.


Odysseus' Men

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