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Carmen and Lucky lay their plan for changing the world. Pay attention, pagans -- this is the episode that starts it ALL rolling! Civil rights and drag queen masturbation, all in the same breath!! Carmen explains that there's more than one way to dance around a Maypole (ahem), and one of them involves a lot of stinky cheese.  Covens and sex, and Gerald Gardner pops up again, and Carmen alleges a scandalous origin of Wicca's founder. Oh, and did we mention sex? We also riff on some tarot cards. Lots and lots and lots of sex mentioned, so keep the kiddies away from this episode. Hope you are all having a blessed Beltane -- remember, WISH BIG! Email us at eatmypaganass@gmail.com to tell us what you wish for this magical season!

Cheese Shoppe Drag Queen Pervert - Carmen's Wet Dream

Featured musical artist: "Beltane Twirl" sung by Luckylicious

Closing song: "Come on get happy" - The Partridge Family

Recorded on May 5, 2010, NYC; Published May 8, 2010

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