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So I'm looking through my Facebook friends' friends and I come across this total hottie witch named Gede Parma. Shameless gay Leo that I am, I immediately reached out and invited Gede (pronounced g'DAY) to be on the show. Much to my delight, he accepted and fast forward several months into the future to July 12, 2012, the date finally arrived! When this magically delicious Aussie sauntered into my lion's den it took all my self restraint not to offer him one of my famous back massages. Instead, I humbly begged his forgiveness for my not being able to find my high-quality audio recorder and instead had to settle for recording this interview on my iPhone. (Siri interrupted one of the questions, and she's been put in time out.)

Ecstatic Witchcraft CVR

In this interview, Gede shares with us how he came to paganism (well, was born into it by some definitions), how it's shaped his outlook on life, and why he's inspired to share his insights with others through his several published books and workshops. He challenges the idea of sacred space as separate space, and refuses to admit the idea of the solitary witch in an infinitely interconnected cosmos. The magical is the mundane (M=m), and from this point of constant connection to the divine we can be in this world here and now and effect positive change through conscious awareness and activism.

Gede also discusses his books, including his latest, "Ecstatic Witchcraft: magic, philosophy & trance in the shamanic craft," which is available through Llewellyn Worldwide and pretty much any bookshop. You can also learn more about this fascinating and very charming young pagan teacher at www.gedeparma.com. And try to catch him while he's still in the U.S. doing his book tour through the end of July 2012!!

Recorded July 12, 2012. Published July 20, 2012.

Featured web links:

Gede Parma's web page: http://www.gedeparma.com

Buy the Book: Ecstatic Witchcraft (on Amazon.com): http://www.amazon.com/Ecstatic-Witchcraft-Magick-Philosophy-Shamanic/dp/0738732990

Featured music:"Resonate the Head" by Charlie Mc Mahon & Gondwana

"Charmed theme song" by Knightsbridge

"Cornflake Girl" by Tori Amos

"Shake It Out" by Florence + the Machine

"Lights" by Ellie Goulding

"Waltzing Matilda" by Ophelia of the Spirits

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