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Gummy Bear Porn

Podcasting from a trailer-park shack in the sky, Carmen and Lucky are on a gummy bear-induced sugar high, so their ADD is at its zenith. Editing has helped, but they're all over the map on this episode: obesity and thin obsession, Anna Wintour, Johnny Weir, tarot readings, listener emails, Carmen's birthday wishes, gummy bears as sex toys, 2010 Pisces Party shenanigans, did we mention Gummy Bears? Oh, and two very special announcements, including:

  • Wicca History Project: a new video series produced by EMPA Productions featuring Zan Fraser, author of A Briefe Historie of Wytches, now in filming and available soon on YouTube. Stay tuned!
  • Grannylicious, Lucky's somewhat mentally loose 93 year old grandmother (and a fierce witch -- one of the originals) is coming to town and is demanding to be on the podcast -- so look out for her.

Featured pagan musical artist: Glitterpussy, performing "Skinny" live (acoustic) at Starwood Festival 2009 - http://www.myspace.com/glitterpussy

Featured pagan artist: Logan G.

Logan's Drawing of Carmen & Lucky

Episode 27 recorded March 6, 2010, New York City, NY. Released March 24, 2010.

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