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This episode is a follow-on to Eat My Pagan Ass episode 35, which featured an interview with pagan music artist and one of Lucky's best friends in the glamorverse, Glitterpussy. Tragically, Glitter (or Allyson, her given name), passed away unexpectedly on November 5, 2010. Episode 35 was aired as the August 2010 interview was intended, letting Glitter speak for herself in her own words, and including no mention of her passing.

In this episode, we hear the tale of how Glitter and Lucky met in July 2002 at the Starwood Festival, an annual pagan gathering and celebration that was held at the Brushwood Folklore Center in Sherman, NY (now at Wisteria in Ohio). Be transported back across space and time to this pivotal moment when two stars collided and began a spiral dance in one of the world's most magical places.

Lucky shares his feelings about losing a dear friend, and also delves into the uncomfortable subject of what happens when we pass over--not only for the soul in transition, but also for everyone else left behind.  It's not all laughs in this episode, but Lucky does share some of the beautiful gifts of healing spirit Allyson/Glitterpussy gave to those around her.  Through this podcast, you may be touched, too, by this very special, beautiful being whose laughter and love will be sorely missed but never forgotten.

Allyson, Glitterpussy

Music in this episode includes:

  • Drummers of Starwood 2009
  • La Turbulente - Sonata 7 / Bellerofonte Castaldi
  • La Turbulente - Sonate Duodecima. Sopra "La Bergamasca"/Salamone Rossi
  • Shira Kammen - An Dro Nevez (www.magnatune.com)
  • Shira Kammen - Round About Our Coal Fire (www.magnatune.com)
  • Sinead O'Connor - I Am Stretched On Your Grave
  • Seal - Don't Cry

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  • earth dragon

    did she get married at brushwood? love. it is all good friend. the yin and yang. i’m so sorry bro.

    Dec 18, 2010 at 5:27 pm
  • Kae

    R.I.P Glitter

    Dec 18, 2010 at 7:09 pm
  • Gaywolf


    I feel like I knew you. I’ve heard your name so many times throughout the years. You are epic & loved. Even though I never met you, your spirit touched me & I am glad to have known you through Lucky. Your passing makes me both sad & a little angry, but I know that you are watching your loved ones. I’ll be a little more Aries in your memory. I’ll let my light fill up the world. You are epic & awesome. You are loved even among strangers.

    Shine on.

    Blessed be.

    Dec 18, 2010 at 9:01 pm
  • Tobias

    Hello, I am Glitter’s husband. Luck I love you and you did a wonderful job. Thank you so much. It does me wonders hearing how you feel about her energy being all around us, it’s exactly how I feel. And yes we were married at Brushwood. If you would like to see some pictures you can go to youtube and look up epic T&A. I just want to say thank you to everyone for all the support. Love and Light Tobias

    Dec 31, 2010 at 4:50 pm