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In this episode of Eat My Pagan Ass podcast, Lucky's notoriously rambunctious grandmother, a.k.a. Grannylicious, has flown in from goddess knows where in order to appear on the podcast -- at 93 years old, this makes her the oldest living human being (at least we think she's human) to podcast. Carmen refuses to be in her presence, which is just as well -- Granny lobs some rather contentious accusations at Carmen, and makes some outrageous claims to fame, which Lucky finds hard to swallow, including everything from being the broom flying coach for the Harry Potter movies to going over Niagara Falls in a barrel while being a member of the Canadian mounted police. As whenever family comes to visit, a lot of shit from the past rises to the surface, and Lucky can barely handle it. Grannylicious makes a shocking revelation about her past that you'll never believe.

Granny Potter

Featured artist: Dar Williams, "Christians and the Pagans"

Episode 28 recorded April 3, 2010, NYC

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